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WWDC 2024 Wishlist

In line with tradition, I’ve compiled my wishlist for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference announcements. I’m hoping for thoughtful integration of LLMs across the OSes, performance and reliability updates for core services, and the introduction of a few power-user tweaks and long-missing features.

Some of these ideas have been inspired by others’ wishlists, and where applicable, I’ve included those references. Here’s what I’m hoping to see:

  • Siri that works 🎙️
  • Talk to Siri in Messages 💬
  • Focus status messages 👀
  • Notification category management/blocking 📵
  • Notification summaries 🛎️


  • Passwords app 🔒
  • Voice Memos transcriptions & summaries 🎤
  • Fix Shortcuts (performance, system shortcuts, reliability) 🦾
  • AirPods button should be able to trigger a Shortcut 🎧
  • Fix Screen Time (reliability) ⏳
  • Files app (performance & reliability) 📂
  • Calendar redesign 🗓️
  • Music redesign 🎵
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library Albums 🖼️

iOS & iPadOS

  • Home screen redesign merging Spotlight and App Library 📱
  • Set default apps (maps, camera, calendar) 📲
  • Lock Screen quick action customization 🔒
  • Smart and AI Playlists 🎶
  • Share Sheet redesign ⬆️
  • Default app support for camera, calendar, & maps 📍
  • iPad Multi-user 👥



  • Custom watch faces ⌚️



  • Xcode for iPad 🛠️
  • Copilot-like assistant in Xcode 🧑‍✈️
  • API for local and cloud LLM access 🤖
  • Clipboard manager API 📋
  • SwiftUI parity with UIKit 🕊️

To be honest, I’ll be elated if I get even half of these things this year. What’re you hoping for from this year’s conference?

If you’ll be in Cupertino for the event next week, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi! I’ll be there with my Lickability business partner, Brian Capps, from June 10  –  13.

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WWDC 2020

Apple’s first online-only Worldwide Developers Conference is just a couple days away, and I’m excited to watch as many sessions as I can and chat with new and old friends in the Apple developer community. We’re even opening up the Lickability Discord server so we have a place to meetup and watch talks together. Come join us!

This week, Apple is also under pressure from the developers of Hey and the community at large to change App Store policies on in-app purchase, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

Here’s what’s on my personal WWDC wishlist this year:

✍️ Documentation for all public API
⚙️ Setting default apps
📱Redesigned SpringBoard
🔨 Buddybuild relaunch
🐦 SwiftUI usable in production
📧 Snooze + send later in Mail
💎 Cataylst improvements
💬 Mentions in Messages
🔖 Pronoun sharing in iMessage/Contacts
🖥 Shortcuts on Mac
🔗 Universal Link Settings
🔒 iCloud Keychain Import/Export
🗓 Calendar Redesign
⌚️ Apple Watch Sleep Tracking
🧠 Smart Playlists & Albums on iOS
🧭 iOS Safari Tab Redesign
📲 Customizable Lock Screen Actions
🎛 Control Center Extensions

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