Matt at the NoMad

I’m an extrovert who loves hearing from old friends and making new ones. I really enjoy having conversations with people new to the technology industry, LGBTQ+ folks, and anyone that wants to work together or collaborate on creative projects. While I try to get back to everyone who reaches out, it may take me a bit if things are particularly hectic.

Need a conversation starter? Here’s what I’m up to now.

Here are the best ways to get in touch:

🐦 Mention or DM me on Twitter @mb.
📧 Email
📲 Text +1 (609) 706-0597.
🗓 Schedule a 30 minute call.

Encrypted Options 🔐

If you’d like to communicate me in an encrypted manner:

💬 Text via Signal to +1 (609) 706-0597.
🔑 DM via Keybase at matthewbischoff.
🔏 Encrypt email with my GPG key.
Reminder: I’ll need your public key to read it.